12-24 months

Program designed to provide children with the skills that serve as building blocks for a lifetime of learning.

24-36 months

Develop friendships, self-esteem, and curiosity. Explore the world in a safe and nurturing environment.

Pre School
36 months up

We boost that confidence by providing activities to help children develop a love of lifelong learning.

Little Ladybird:

Our Mission


At Little Ladybird Crèche we are committed to provide excellent standards of care for the holistic development of your child. Our mission statement is to prepare and provide the most natural and life enhancing environment for the child, observing the children and continually adapting the environment to support the fulfillment of the child’s greatest potential physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Our ultimate aim is to provide a childcare programme, which promotes optimal development for each child, supports parents, upholds best practices of early childhood education and promote collaborations that help all children realise their potential.

The ethos of our service is very apparent to all who visit. Children, parents and staff will regard this service as an extension of the home. We believe in ensuring that children who attend this service have the opportunity to experience: Spontaneous expression Esteem as an individual Self-confidence and zest in learning Sociability, friendship and co-operation of others Equal opportunities irrespective of gender, race, culture and disability



Play is the foundation for all learning for young children, and giving your child the time and a few basic toys can provide them with a variety of valuable learning opportunities. “Play is how children begin to understand and process their world".

Play is an especially important aspect of learning at early ages due to the plasticity of the child’s brain — however, all of the characteristics of play are key components of learning at later ages as well.

Kids who grow up hearing music, singing songs, and moving to the beat are enjoying what experts call "a rich sensory environment." That's just a fancy way of saying they're exposed to a wide variety of tastes, smells, textures, colors, and sounds. And researchers believe this forges more pathways between the cells in their brains.

Musical experiences are an important way to help create these pathways, also called neural connections. And while listening to music is certainly key to creating them, it's when kids actively participate in music that they make the strongest connections.

As experienced early childhood teachers know, preschool painting is about process, not product. Whether a child’s painting turns out to be a neatly formed rainbow or a brown muddle, the learning takes place in the doing.

Children move through various stages of painting. At first, they tend to make broad, sweeping strokes. In the next stage, they move the brush in a circular pattern. Later the circles will sprout legs and arms, and then a head and body will appear. Children will also experiment with shapes, lines, and patterns and create landscapes with a sun at the top and ground at the bottom. By school age, they become more intentional, trying for more detail and realism.

Whatever the objective, the key is that children experience painting as a process. If every painting activity results in every child’s work looking the same, then painting has become a craft. It has lost its exploratory nature. Instead of constraining children to paint a given object or paint in a certain way, we want children to paint for the surprise, the joy, the discovery.

Young children seem drawn to music, and from an early age, they will begin dancing when they hear it. While the physical benefits of dance are well-known, dance also brings social and emotional benefits

Dance can become a way for young children to express their emotions in a way they might not be able to verbally. When children are involved in learning dances, they are learning that their movements can tell a story and communicate ideas.

Combining music and movement helps preschoolers learn to control their bodies, according to KidsHealth. This is an important development that can lead to better concentration and self-control. By imitating the movements of others, your preschooler is learning to move to the tempo of the music, pay attention to the teacher and memorize simple movement patterns. These are all opportunities to build her listening skills and impulse control, helping her to be successful once she reaches a classroom.

The fundamental motor skills such as kicking, catching, throwing and hitting are important gross motor skills require by pre-school children. These skills are often found to be at an insufficient level upon entering primary school. Pre School Sport programs not only develop these skills but improve hand-eye coordination, balance and spatial awareness. In addition to the physical benefits; our sport programs also improve self confidence, self esteem, social development, sharing, concentration, independence, sportsmanship and group and individual learning experiences.

The educational component of our sports programs teaches colours, shapes, body parts, animals, numeracy, listening skills and basic comprehension.

Make your child’s first sporting experience a positive one... so that a passion for an active and healthy lifestyle is developed from an early age.

The Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. Dr. Montessori’s Method has been time tested, with over 100 years of success in diverse cultures throughout the world.

It is a view of the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child—physical, social, emotional, cognitive.

Why  Little  Ladybird ?

Competitive Opening Hours

Our hours of operation are: 07.00am - 6.00pm Monday to Friday. Little Ladybird Creche & Montessori runs thoughout the summer holidays.

Highly qualified staff

Our staff team has been specially selected for their professional qualifications, their years of experience and their genuine love of children.Our team aim to provide a healthy, happy environment where your child has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. All of our teachers treat all children attending the Crèche with dignity and respect, and use positive guidance to promote appropriate behaviour with regard to each child's age and stage of development.

Tasty meals of exceptional quality and variety

Little Ladybird Creche & Montessori uses a services of a family owned and run business "Little Dinners". They don't just deliver a ready meal. Each customer has their own particular needs therefore each one is treated individually. We collaborate together and work with our customers to establish a plan focussed on their particular requirements.


The Early Childhood Care & Education Scheme (ECCE) Ireland provides up to two years of “free” Pre-school education to every child in Ireland from age 3 years. The total number of ECCE weeks a child can avail of will depend on child's birth date and the age at which the child begins primary school. Please contact us for more information about ECCE in Little Ladybird Creche.

National Childcare Scheme (NCS)

Subsidies are now available to make childcare more affordable for families. A universal, non-means tested subsidy of up to €86 per month for children up to start of the ECCE (free pre-school) programme and supports for families on lower incomes for children up to 15 years of age.

Efficient communication with parents through mobile app

Every parent is provided with an access to a mobile app, designed especially for our parents. It is by far the most professional and secure way to share moments of your child. In addition to this every child has its own journal including details of the day. Both the mobile app and journals are updated on a daily basis by our teachers.

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